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Neighbourhood Knock.

How does Neighbourhood Knock work?

1. Download your Neighbourhood Knock flyer here: https://bit.ly/3J9uidv

2. Print and fill out as many flyers as you like (you’ll need to include a name and contact number), stating what you can assist with, and then drop them in local letterboxes.

3. Wait for a response and help those behind closed doors!

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Examples of how you can help or receive help on the platform

Pick up supplies

Some people are unable to fetch supplies for themselves, whether it be because of a disability, stuck with kids, or due to covid isolation.

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Run errands

Sometimes it can be difficult to do even the most basic errands. Crisis Heroes allows you to request or offer help with errands such as posting some mail or mowing the lawn.

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Friendly phone call

You can be in a personal crisis due to depression, or be part of a larger crisis like COVID19. Either way, it can help to talk with someone. You can start by chatting on Crisis Heroes text chat, and upgrade to a phone call if you feel up to it.

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Attention Volunteer Organisations!

Is your Volunteer Organisation hard to manage? Is it spread out over Facebook and other bits of software? We are developing a new feature allowing volunteer organisations to easily recruit, manage and deploy volunteers to help serve the community. If you are in Australia and manage a volunteer organisation, please click the button below - it's free!

About Crisis Heroes

Simple & Powerful

Forget the masked vigilante, it’s everyday acts by everyday people that’ll change the world.

In a time of uncertainty, any small act of kindness is the sign of a true hero.

Become a hero NOW
Simple & Powerful

Register your skills or services to help those in need in your local community.  

Register how you can help someone in your community. This could include picking up groceries, running errands, a friendly phone call, offering produce or goods. No offer is too small!

Become a hero NOW
Simple & Powerful

Signal if you need a hand, and await a local hero to respond

If you're struggling in some way you can easily send out a request for help. This can be as simple as asking for a friendly phone call. Anyone near you will be able to see it and offer their help.

Become a hero NOW

We created Crisis Heroes to help those left stranded during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The team at Wicked Sites were brainstorming how we could help during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. As the threat of the virus loomed and the lock-down laws were implemented, our first thought was about those that might be most affected and decided to build a platform where they could reach out to others for help.

We are a small team with only 1 programmer, so we ask for your feedback and patience so that we can refine it and it make it a great tool for everyone. We want to ensure we are doing our very best in helping those that are in need during this tragic time in humanity.

Meet the Team
Meet the Makers


The team wanting to make a difference during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Matt Platts

Co-founder / Software Engineer
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Nicolas Hoban

Co-founder / Designer / Lawyer
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Mark Acheson

Co-founder / Marketing
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A Crisis Heroes Kindness Story

Bianca is a nurse at the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie, Tasmania - the area which has been dubbed the epicentre of Australia's COVID-19 outbreak.

Just recently Bianca and another 1000 healthcare workers were forced into quarantine for two weeks in a bid to contain the outbreak. Here is where we introduce peanut butter to the story (yes, you read that correctly).

This nurse, unable to leave her home, was craving peanut butter. She posted to Crisis Heroes in the hope that someone might come to her rescue.

Not only did a kind stranger by the name of Barbara deliver Bianca this delicious spread, she also dropped off flowers and chocolate as thank you to this nurse working on the healthcare frontline! What an amazing act of kindness!

Send your kindness stories to hello@crisisheroes.com

Mental Health Resources

You should feel safe and supported when engaging with other people on the Crisis Heroes platform. Our online chat function has been implemented in response to isolation and loneliness people may be facing due to the impacts of COVID-19. If you or the person you are speaking with need access to information surrounding mental health, please refer the following resources below.

COVID-19 support:
Australian Government COVID-19 Health Alert
Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

If you need to talk now, these services are available 24/7:
• Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service 1800 512 348
• Lifeline 13 11 14
• Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
• Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
• Mensline 1300 78 99 78
• 1800RESPECT sexual assault and domestic violence support line 1800 737 732
• Open Arms Veterans and Family Counselling: 1800 011 046
• National Coronavirus Health Information Helpline 1800 020 080
Hello Cass a private and discreet chatbot for people experiencing or affected by family and sexual violence.

National Services
A national service that aims to keep LGBTQI communities supported and connected.
Phone: 1800 184 527 (3pm–midnight AEST)
Online chat (3pm–midnight AEST)
National services which may be of use for those who identify as intersex include:
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
Organisation Intersex International

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